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Madonna speaks with Marvelous Marvin of Marvelous Marvin in the Morning on WGHR Hits 106 FM about A Haunted History of Pasco County, the research for the book and her experience as a history writer over the last decade. 2020. 


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Madonna is featured on Channel 9 News after publishing Images of America: Dade City and the Pasco County Commission hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony and book signing to celebrate the release in 2014. 

Madonna gives an interview about her book, A Haunted History of Pasco County, the stories entailed in it and, how the book came to be on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend TV Show with ABC Action News in 2020. 

Madonna tells a short story about her daughter, Mamie, entitled "Lift Off" at the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina in February, 2018. 

In a land occupied for thousands of years, mystery and unrest linger. Anguished soldierly figures dot the landscape of Pasco County, from the doomed march of Major Dade and his haunted hill to the ghost of Captain Jeffries standing watch over his homestead in Zephyrhills. A pair of spirits drifts about near a Dade City pond, perhaps the brother and sister cut down during the infamous Bradley Massacre. Echoes of the once rugged frontier rebound from the Ellis-Gillett feud, vigilantism and Sheriff Bart’s justice. Obliterating the mounds of indigenous people cast an ever-present and ominous tone over sacred grounds throughout the county. Madonna shares ethereal accounts of the Meighan Theatre, the treacherous Road to Nowhere, the Edwinola Hotel and more. 2020. 

Madonna Wise presents at the January 18, 2021 meeting of the Dade City Garden Club during Covid 19 via zoom to talk about history, including: ways to preserve history, DCGC history, history of Dade City, Zephyrhills, Wesley Chapel and Pasco.

Madonna gives a talk about the history of Zephyrhills and local Florida Frontier history at the Jeffries House during the March, 2018 Founder's Day Celebration in Zephyrhills, Florida. 

Madonna gives an interview about the "Stories Behind the Stars" project. She is one of 100 historians who are using historic records, old newspaper articles, genealogy, and military databases and even track down living family members and friends to create, detailed personal accounts of WWII veterans. 

Madonna and her daughter Rachel speak with Channel 8 News about their book, Kachina and the Bully. They wrote a children's book about bullying prevention and developed a program with Madonna's background as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. 2009. 

​​“Madonna Wise’s histories are proof that the past still speaks to us​. She brilliantly shines a light on the Tampa Bay community; and her works leave our shared legacy that much more illuminated.”

- Danny Burgess, Florida State Senator, 2022